How can I find out what my box is worth?

  •       You can view the previous sales history for all boxes using the advanced search function and selecting "All Auctions". Naturally it will take some time for that history to develop. In the meantime Google is your friend! If you find yourself stuck, email us here [email protected] and we will help if we can. This is a member privilege. We are here to assist placing a value on stock that you have decided to list. Keep in mind, 9 times out of 10, the best determiner of value is the market. 


Do I have to register before bidding?

  •       Yes, registration is free and you will be asked to register with us to ensure you're a genuine bidder and to confirm your contact information. 

How do I create an account?

  •       Select the register button in the site's header or click here.

I’ve created an account. When can I start bidding?

  •       Once you verify your email address you can start bidding. 

How do I edit my personal information?

  •        Log into your account and click on "Edit my contact details"

Membership Tiers

What are the membership tiers?

  •       There are three membership tiers: Primary (lowest), Gold and Platinum (Highest).

How do the membership tiers work?

  •       Every dollar bought or sold earns you points. With points you can advance to higher levels for more generous perks. With 1,500 (=$1500 bought or sold)  points you go from Primary to Gold. With 2,500 points you go from Gold to Platinum. You have 3 months (calendar quarters) to collect enough points to advance to a higher level or maintain your current status. 

What are the benefits of each membership tier?

  •       Each membership tier has varying seller fees.
  •       Primary (10%), Gold (5%) and Platinum (0%)


Is there a buyer's premium?

  •       Yes, all buyer's will be charged a 10% premium.

Can I retract a bid?

  •       If an incorrect amount has been lodged, contact us as soon as possible. If it does not interfere with the smooth running of the auction, we may consider retracting the bid to the winning bid amount at that point. Bids cannot otherwise be retracted.

Can I, or a family member, bid on my own auction items?

  •       It is illegal for you, or a family member, to bid on your own items in an auction. This is known as shill bidding and we have mechanisms in place to detect any occurrence of this.

   Are there auctions with more than one listing?

  •       At this point in time FOH Auctions does not do multi-box auctions. 

Do you have an "E-bay Style" Auto bid / Max bid feature?

  •        No, the bid you submit will become the highest bid. 


How much does it cost to list an item?

  •       There is no listing fee

Can I limit my auction to a geographical area?

  •       Yes, you can choose  the regions/countries where you will deliver to 

Can I choose when my auction ends?

  •        You can list an auction for a period of 24 to 72 hours. 

How do I know how my items are performing in the auction?

  •       You can track your auctions performance through your "Current Auctions" section in the Seller Dashboard

Is there a seller’s premium to be paid on sales?

  •       Platinum members are charged a 0% seller’s premium, Gold members are charged a 5% seller’s premium and Primary members are charged a 10% seller’s premium.

When do I receive payment for the sale of my goods?

  •       Funds will be settled into your nominated bank account once you have completed post-sale terms on your end. 


If I win is it a legally binding contract?

  •       If you fail to pay within the 72 hour period you will be banned from this website. 

How soon can I pay for my winning lot

  •       You can checkout as soon as the auction has ended

Is there a buyer’s premium to be paid on purchases?

  •       Yes, all membership tiers carry a buyer’s premium of 10% of the final hammer price.

When is payment due on winning lots?

  •       Payment must be made within 72 hours.

Payment Methods

What payment methods are accepted?

  •       Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard) & Bank Transfer

Can I pay in any currency?

  •       Credit Cards will be charged in AUD following a conversion from USD
  •       We can receive bank transfer payments in the following currencies: USD and AUD

What additional fees apply?

  •       Outside of the buyer's premium of 10%, you will be charged a merchant fee for credit card transactions; fees are dependant on your credit card provider and card type. 
  •       For bank transfers, if you pay using a currency outside of USD and AUD you may be charged a currency conversion fee by your bank. 
  •       In both instances, FOH Auctions is not responsible for these additional fees. 

Merchant Warrior

What is Merchant Warrior?

  •       Merchant Warrior is a safe, simple, and convenient payment option that lets you purchase your winning items.

How secure is Merchant Warrior?

  •       All transactions are protected with SSL encryption and secure servers on the Merchant Warrior systems. Merchant Warrior carries out fraud protection your safety.


Is FOH Auctions responsible for shipping?

  •       For items shipped from the FOH Auctions lockers, FOH Auctions is responsible for shipping. 

Contact Us

How do I contact FOH Auctions?

Legal information

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