1. Register

In order to purchase on FOH Auctions you must first be registered. This site is independent to the FOH shopping cart/forum, so you will need to register again. Click here to register. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes.


 2. Search Auctions

You can browse the Featured, Popular, and Ending Soon auctions on the home page or utilise the Search/Advanced Search feature.


 3. Bidding

Once you have registered with us and the auction has started, you can place a bid on an auction by:

1. Clicking on the auction

2. Viewing the current bid

3. Enter the amount you wish to bid then click "submit bid". The amount you enter will become the highest bid. We do not have an "ebay-style" auto bid or max bid feature. 

4. For a buy now auction you can click "buy it now" then "ok"

Please note: some auctions may have a buy now or reserve price. Once the reserve price is met, the buy now option will no longer be available


 4. Post-Sale Transaction

If your bid is successful you will receive a confirmation email. This email will detail the steps required to complete the Post-Sale requirements. 

Buyers will be charged a flat fee of 10% of the final hammer price. Depending on your payment method you may be charged an additional merchant fee, currency conversion (by your bank) or international bank transfer fee.


 5. Delivery to "All" exceptions

Items in the FOH Online Humidor cannot be delivered to the following countries:

Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hawaii (United States), Hungary, Iceland, Israel,  Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey or Ukraine

If you are a prospective buyer from a country/region on that list, you will need to arrange another country to deliver to (friends/family). If you do not have that capability, please do not bid.

Buyers located in Australia must bid on items designated  "Delivery to: Australia" due to government regulations. However, Australian buyers are permitted to bid on auctions designated "Delivery to: All" if their shipping address is overseas.